Everything You’ll Need for a Keepers Holiday

Phoebe Shipton  ·  29th June 2018
Packing for a holiday can be a stressful task, especially if you’re going away with children. This summer holiday we’ve helped you out by making a list of things you’ll need on any Keepers Cottages holiday. Print this page and you’ll be prepared to make the most of your trip!
1. Sunglasses:

The heatwave is raging on and there’s a high pollen count in the air. Protect yourself with sunglasses when walking on some of our footpaths and trails. Soak up the sights without any distractions, or itchy eyes!

2. A Good Book:

Spend your time relaxing with a good book as you watch the waves of the sea until the sun sets. If you’re an avid reader it may be worth loading your Kindle up with a few good titles or packing a few extra paperbacks

3. Passports:

France is a short journey away, ferries from Dover to Calais take 90 minutes. Onward is the city of Boulogne, home to a Norman-era castle and museum which is set within a stunning chateau. It also holds one of the largest public aquariums in Europe, Nausicaä. Be sure to stock up on wine and cheese from the city’s market.


4. Camera:
If you have a good quality camera you’ll want to bring it along. Capture those precious moments with the family and the beauty of these coastal towns. There’s lots of material for budding photographers to sink their teeth into. Upload your best pictures to Instagram and tag us in the photos!
5. Dart charge:
Remember to pay the Dart charge! If you cross the Dartford tunnel when you make

your way to our holiday cottages, make sure you pay by midnight the day after you cross. Find out more info here


6. Golf clubs:

Golf lovers will love the range of courses local to our cottages. Including the famous 3 Championship Course; Princes Golf Club, The Royal St Georges, and Royal Cinque Ports. Perfect to work on that handicap or to escape for some you time.


Enjoy a relaxing holiday with all the family with our pet-friendly cottages. Located within town that are dog-friendly, these cottages allow you and your pet to enjoy coastal walks and days by the beach.
8. Swimming costume:
Most of our cottages are on the coast so you can have a refreshing
dip in the sea. Or even better, stay in Bowden Lodge where you’ll have your own private pool. Local swimming pools and Walmer paddling pool are also great for taking a dip.
9. Walking shoes:
There are lots of footpaths and trails to explore in the area. Take a stroll over the famous White Cliffs, or enjoy walking around the ancient city of Canterbury. The sights are waiting and the tracks are ready to be tread!

10. Tennis rackets:
If tennis is your game, there are several places where you can play both a competitive and fun game of tennis. Stay at Glen Hill where you’ll have your own court in the back garden. There are also clubs and parks where you can hone your skills and blow off steam.
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