Autumn in Kent

Phoebe Shipton  ·  30th September 2013

Although some of us were still lighting fires as late as June this year there has been an upside to one of the coldest Springs on record.   The trees and hedgerows are now practically groaning with one of the most abundant wild harvests seen in years, particularly down here in East Kent.  It started with the red berries season and everyone commenting on their succulence, prevalence and juiciness and is now continuing with bountiful sweet and perfect apples, pears, plums, wild Cherries and much more as well as mushrooms, crepes and nuts.

In these times of austerity the sale of Kilner jars has risen as people turn to the old art of preserving the produce for the coming Winter months, even better when it’s free, and with this year being so productive there is plenty for everyone to have a go.  If you fancy foraging for something a little different you could always try some wild vegetables such as Samphire (an edible seaweed a bit like Asparagus), nettles and dandelions.

Always make sure you know what you are looking for when foraging, especially when it comes to mushrooms.  You could always book an Autumn Foraging course through Brogdale, see below, if you’re not sure!

Autumn in KentBased in the heart of Kent, Brogdale  is a living gene bank of over 4,000 varieties of apples, pears, plums, cherries, cobnuts, currants and quinces and the Biggest & Best collection of fruit trees in the world!

You can explore our beautiful fruit orchards through every season and if you visit at the right time of year you can see & taste your favourite fruits too!

As well as the Orchards the centre now has a Marketplace which is also worth a visit as it offers something for everyone.  There is a Cafe, soft furnishings and gifts shop, Butchers, Home Made Preserves, Tiddly Pomme selling Wines, Ciders, Gifts and much more, a florist and of course the Brogdale Garden Centre so you can start experimenting with your own Cider production at home!

Along with all of the above delights, Brogdale also hosts a number of one day short courses on Fruit, Food and Rural Living run by experts from all over the South East and at very reasonable rates.  Courses can be taken on Autumn Foraging, Pruning, Grafting, Cider Making and Game Preparation.



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