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Phoebe Shipton  ·  13th October 2023

Bustling Broadstairs

Known as the jewel in Thanet’s crown, Broadstairs is a hidden gem along Kent’s East coast. Surrounded by neighbouring Margate and Ramsgate, Broadstairs is the absolute pinnacle of the English coastline, and only two hours from central London. Lined with sandy beaches and seaside nooks steeped in history, we’ve rounded up  our favourite treasures of Broadstairs, so you can have a piece of the gold too.

Viking Bay, Broadstairs

One of the main attractions in Broadstairs has always been Viking Bay. Known for its iconic horseshoe-shaped bay of sand, Viking Bay was the holiday destination du jour for Charles Dickens, who once wrote a complimentary piece on the town, known as ‘Our English Watering Place’. With a surf school that is open from March to October, visitors can enjoy a plethora of water sports over the summer months, and for those who would rather stay dry, there is deck chair and beach hut hire.

Houdini’s Magic Bar, Broadstairs

With a location in both Broadstairs and Canterbury, this is  where the  magic potions and cocktails are created in the South East of England. Houdini’s Magic Bar is an award winning magic bar , with 23 resident magicians, bartenders serving  incredible drinks with magical flavours. You can experience masterclasses in both cocktails and magic, perfect for a birthday celebration. Experience the magic up close at this truly unique bar, the epitome of an abracadaBAR!

The Palace Cinema, Broadstairs

Taking you back in time, The Palace is a traditional cinema in the heart of Broadstairs. With 111 comfortable seats and a large screen that canvases across the width of the building. Bringing a personal and more memorable experience, The Palace cinema shows a variety of the latest films and is run by a local family that have years of experience between them in the film industry. A true seaside experience on a rainy afternoon, or when it gets too hot!

Tartar Frigate, Broadstairs

Specialising in local seafood, Tartar Frigate is a treasured seaside pub and restaurant with sensational seafood and local ales. One of the only 18th century flint restaurants in Kent, Tartar Frigate is known as one of the best seafood restaurants in Kent which boasts panoramic views across Viking Bay and Broadstairs. With dogs allowed in the bar area, there is no better location for a long Sunday afternoon filled with family and food.

Morelli’s Gelato, Broadstairs

Having opened in 1932, Morelli’s Gelato is an everlasting feature on the Viking Bay in Broadstairs. The retro look and feel has generations of Kent coast visitors returning year after year. Having been the first ever ice cream parlour to serve over 20 flavours of ice cream, the jukebox, soda fountain and pink leatherette booths offer a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Now with many products such as dog-friendly gelato and waffles, get a taste of Kent at this family run ice cream parlour.

Kingsgate – Botany bay loop from Broadstairs

Whenever we discover a new place, we think going on a walk around the location is the best way to get to know it. The Kingsate to Botany Bay loop from Broadstairs is just under 9 miles and shows you the highlights of Kent from seaside to countryside and back. Taking around 3.5 hours, this intermediate hike is our favourite loop when visiting Broadstairs. Be sure to pack your walking boots!

Turner Contemporary, Margate

This is one definitely not to be missed! Having opened in 2011, Turner Contemporary was built on the site where JMW Turner stayed during his visits to Broadstairs’ neighbour, Margate. The perfect place for artistic exploration, this art gallery has been built around the inspiration of Turner’s art that celebrates the town’s skies and light. Visitors can explore the gallery, relax in the café, partake in the tours available, all while gazing upon the harbour views.

The Shell Grotto, Margate

Having been stumbled upon in 1835, The Shell Grotto is an underground network of chalk walls that are embellished with 4.6 million shells creating the most magical treasure trove of patterns and symbols. From cockles, mussels, whelks and oysters, The Shell Grotto showcases the gems of Kent’s coast still to this day. With adult tickets starting from £4.50 per person, and children under 4 years old attending for free, there isn’t a more sparkling way to spend the day.

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