A guide to spending Valentine’s day in Kent

Phoebe Shipton  ·  5th February 2024

Kent, also known as the garden of England, boasting natural beauty and quaint villages, is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Whether you’re looking for a cosy weekend getaway or planning a special surprise, there’s plenty of places to stay and visit. Let’s explore some of our favourite romantic cottages that set the stage for cherished moments. 

Romantic places to stay in Kent 

Nestled in the heart of Folkestone, is the beautiful Folkestone Terrace. A cosy space with a quirky and art-deco charm, provides a romantic escape for those who love creativity and a coastal backdrop. 

Want to escape to the country? Willow Tree Lodge is a quintessential haven for those looking for a picturesque village and enchanting riverside walks. 

If you’re seeking an intimate haven close by to the stunning white cliffs of Dover, you’ll love the Kingsdown Shepherds Hut. Set in a quaint village where you’ll find a small handful of charming pubs and local delights. 

Looking for something steeped full of history and character? Coop’s Landing is a charming cottage in the pretty Georgian town of Deal. You can walk to the sea in seconds and explore all that the coastal town has to offer.

Nothing says romance like a cosy cottage that looks as if it’s straight out of a book! Moat Farm Cottage is an intimate sanctuary perfect for a romantic retreat amidst the enchanting landscapes of Kent. 

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Romantic places in Kent 

The charm of a historic city… Canterbury 

Rich in culture and history, Canterbury is the perfect city for a romantic trip. 

  • Stroll through the historic streets: Walk hand in hand through the charming cobbled streets of the City. Exploring medieval architecture, quaint shops and hidden alleyways. A charming atmosphere to discover together. 
  • Punting on the River Stour: Nothing is more romantic than a punt along the River Stour. Drift through the city and take in the picturesque scenery. You can even book private tours for a more intimate experience. 
  • Dine and drink in style: There are many wonderful local restaurants, bars and pubs, a large majority that are in medieval or listed buildings. From The Pound, a vibrant cocktail bar set in an old prison to the Old Weavers House a restaurant in a 16th Century House next to the river. 

Coastal romance… 

Deal – A special local town featuring an inviting pier perfect for romantic strolls. Adorned with historic architecture and quaint streets that are filled with restaurants and bars for wonderful seaside dining. 

Folkestone – A coastal gem in Kent, blends natural beauty and vibrant artistic charm. The picturesque harbour is a hub for local seafood and artisan stalls. Featuring the Creative Quarter, the ideal spot for exploring local galleries and boutiques, making it perfect for a unique romantic break. 

Escape to the Country…

Kingsdown – Just outside of Deal, this quaint village that’s nestled along the shorelines offers a peaceful escape for couples. With local pubs and nearby views of the English Channel it’s ideal for a relaxing and intimate break. 

Ash – Rustic charm and tranquility, Ash is a cosy getaway spot. The picturesque landscapes and town with local farm foods, makes for an enchanting backdrop for couples to explore and enjoy. 

Kent blends history, coastal beauty and culinary delights, making it the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Embrace the Valentines Day magic and let Kent be the canvas of your love story!

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